Wernecke Grace House 10 Year Anniversary Celebration


Wernecke Grace House from “What if?” To “What’s next?”

Grace was running out of room. We needed space and we didn’t have many options. Then the “for sale” sign went up in front of the house next door. A few murmurs of “What if?” grew louder and louder. Could we do this? Yes, we could! The rezoning and remodeling took over a year, but we got it done! We had new ministry space. Grace House was ready. Along the way the house was renamed Wernecke Grace House in honor of the founding pastor of Grace, Rev. Harold Wernecke, and his wife Gretchen.

We wanted to fill it immediately with new ministries, instead we were patient and new ministries found us. Over the years, outreach opportunities came our way. Our Sunday School, VBS, Women’s evening Bible study, and Alcoholics Anonymous programs made it their new home and are still there. Al Anon, Boy Scouts, Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, and Redeemer Church also used to facility for committee meetings and classes for a while.

Two other exciting outreach ministries currently use Wernecke Grace House. It serves as a distribution center for Meals on Wheels. This helps insure that the elderly in our community can stay in their home by providing contact and warm meals.

The VISTA program of RRISD uses WGH daily during the school year as a real world lab for post secondary special education students learning and serving beyond their academic campuses. It is an amazing program and Grace is excited to be a part of it.

What ministry is next? We are bounded only by our imagination. Our heart and doors are open. All are welcome.