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Pastor’s Bio: Pastor Cindy Wolf

Grace Lutheran Pastor Cindy WolfPastor Cindy Wolf is very happy to be a part of a caring and fun-loving congregation. She has been serving at Grace since September 2009.

Over 34 years she has served congregations in Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming and now in Round Rock.

At its heart, a congregation is out of place in the world. It is formed and empowered by God’s action so it doesn’t need to follow the world’s rules about who has power, how much it costs to be a part of and which voices get heard.

Grace can be free to live out the Gospel in many different ways. This is how Pastor Cindy tries to serve as Grace’s pastoral leader.

She grew up in Colorado and enjoys visiting her large extended family there. Traveling is a great joy and she has had many fun trips and continues to plan more trips to see what is out there.

After living in the North for decades coming to Texas reset the meaning of hot and cold, wet and dry and y’all and all y’all for her life forever.

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