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This is where you can see what is current and important news regarding what is happening at Grace Lutheran and within the community. Visit here often to see what you might be interested in participating in or just to stay aware.

Attention! Attention!

Grace Welcomes New Worship Accompanist – Ronald Acebuche

Grace Lutheran Church’s Service Project for VBS

Grace Lutheran Church’s service project for Vacation Bible School will be collecting items for Welcome Baskets for Central Texas Table of Grace, a non-profit emergency shelter for children and teens in the foster care system. We are inviting those attending Vacation Bible School to bring one of the following for the Welcome Baskets:  toothbrush, hair ties, or reusable water bottle.  Together we can help bring comfort to children and youth in this situation.  Click HERE to see a complete list of items included in the “Welcome” kits.

Grace Welcomes Adam Reemts As Our New Music Minister

Grace welcomes Adam Reemts to lead the music ministry. He will lead the choir and chimes using his gifts of music and joy. We are grateful for his teaching and organizing skills that will bring blessings to the ministry. Adam with his wife Charlotte and children Ella and Vanessa are members of Grace. He has led the congregation as President and is currently on the Missional River Team. God Bless Adam’s ministry.



Defining Grace’s Mission: “The Missional River”

4-5 members are needed to participate in this yearlong Synod program. This Grace team will join our neighbor ELCA congregations for seminars and coaching that lead change and create a strategic plan for next 2-3 years.

Contact Adam Reemts ( or Pastor (

New Members Welcome

Are you interested in joining the Grace mission of sharing God’s love? A new member reception will be scheduled very soon. Please contact Pastor Cindy at to join in!

Help! Short on Help!

We need more people to sign up to make Sunday mornings happen at Grace. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board, if you have trained to serve, please sign up! If you are interested in serving, please speak with Pastor Cindy about training, we need more people to help!

Grace Lutheran Church on Facebook

Have you checked our Facebook pages recently? Go to, Click on “f “ above the “Home” button at the top of the page for a direct link to our Facebook account.

One of the outreach ideas that we have had in the Evangelism committee is the use of Facebook. It is 2018 after all and social media is extremely popular. I have a Facebook account and am “friends” with quite a few members of the congregation and there is probably quite a few more that I’m not connected to as of yet.

More importantly, think of the vast number of people we can reach by totaling up the connections of everyone in our congregation. Even I have around 250 friends on my list and no, I didn’t have to pay them. Also, it’s free! If we would “check-In” for church or any church related events or “share” the events the Grace page posts, we could reach hundreds of people.

In one of my Outreach readings this month, they stated that social media and texting is the best way to attract younger people. My goal is to help grow our church and I’m welcoming of any and all suggestions.

Prayer Requests

  • Pat Alex-chronic back pain. We pray that she be released from her suffering. We pray for God’s wisdom to fill medical caregivers.
  • Allen Konitzer (Chelsea Amstead’s Dad)-Cancer free! Preparing for back surgery. Offer prayers of thanksgiving & may his surgery be successful.
  • Ana Zuniga ( friend of Sheila M)- still in hospice but is actually doing better, participating in some activities. May God’s promise of peace comfort her.
  • Shirley Bowman-Knee replacement surgery. Prayers of thanksgiving! All went smoothly.
  • Zac Petter (Sheila M’s nephew)-Still in Minnesota assisting with those affected by the tornado. Our prayers continue that he be safe and bring comfort and hope to those he cares for.
  • Barbara Coppom  (wife of a close friend of Larry B)-immune disease diagnosis. Lots of pain in her legs. Pray  that she remains stable and that the pain lifts off her.  Pray for her husband, Dail as her care-giver. Dail is also the primary support for his mother and aunt who are 94 year old twins.
  • Colleen Railsback (friend of Sandy S.) -Breast cancer. She has started second round of chemo treatments, but otherwise no changes. May God’s faithful love care for her.
  • Joe Frantzen (Sheila M’s brother-in-law)-Joe’s quality of life remains the focus. Doesn’t always remember how to do simple tasks. Our prayers for Joe are that his life remains precious in God’s hands.
  • Adam Pfaff-Fibromyalgia diagnosis with increase in symptoms. Pray for this pain to be lifted from him and that he feels surrounded with God’s supporting love.
  • Bobbi Klein (Nancy Wilson’s daughter’s mother-in-law (AJ’s mom))-Lung Cancer diagnosis. We pray for Bobby & her family. For peace & comfort as she undergoes treatment.

Our Military Members

  • Ciera Meadows-Greene-Navy PO 1st class-stationed in San Diego, CA
  • Paul Wooton, LCpl USMC (Caylin Campbell’s husband)-stationed in SC
  • Tim Sikorski, Army Lt. Colonel, stationed in Germany.
  • Adah Frankovic (lifelong friend of Kathy T & Cindy S), Captain , USAF, stationed in Clovis, NM
  • Brett Ambroson (Cheryl McVay’s nephew)-Doctor, Special Forces, Naval Air Stationed in Key West.