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This is where you can see what is current and important news regarding what is happening at Grace Lutheran and within the community. Visit here often to see what you might be interested in participating in or just to stay aware.

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Council Positions to Fill

The council needs to have at least two positions filled and hopefully more as Charlotte Reemts and Shirley Shay are going off council after two terms.

That only leaves Amy Eskridge and Sheila Moldenhauer who have already served two terms also. 

Please  prayerfully consider becoming a member of the council at this time. It will be a two year commitment. We need you to lead with Sheila and Amy.

Contact Amy, Sheila, Charlotte. or Shirley S if you feel this is something you would consider.

Thank You,

Grace Lutheran Church Council

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Grace Members.

As we have begun in person worship  after 15 months of Zoom worship we are trying to get committees set up again.  

I will be taking on the responsibility for Ushers as of now.  We will begin in June.  I’m hoping that you will be interested in being on this committee.

There are only a few responsibilities for the usher:

  1. arrive about 15 minutes prior to worship.
  2. 2. Hand out bulletins which are located on the right side shelf going into the sanctuary.  There will be several large print bulletins for those that need it.
  3. Close the sanctuary and office doors after announcements.
  4. Light the candle lighter for the acolyte (as of now the acolyte is the lay assistant until youth are back in attendance).
  5. Assist with managing Zoom service.
  6. Count members in attendance and if possible Zoom attendance and record it on attendance sheet on shelf where bulletins are located.
  7. The usher will pass the offering plate during the offering time and return it to the lay assistant who will receive it.
  8. During communion the usher will direct members to the communion table. The dates needed in June are: June 6, 13, 20, and 27.
  9. A separate sheet will be forthcoming to sign up on.

Thank you, 
Shirley Shay

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 The Servant of Youth Adult Recognition is awarded by the National Lutheran Association on Scouting. It is given to acknowledge distinguished volunteer service by adults in ministry to young people through one or more civic youth agency programs. we honor Amy Eskridge. This National honor was awarded to Amy during worship on February 7th.

Sheila Moldenhauer writes in her recommendation “When Amy works with our teenagers, she does so with contagious enthusiasm and loving patience while holding them accountable for their commitments. Amy is a vital member of Grace Lutheran Church as she faithfully reminds us of the value of children and teenagers and their contributions to our lives. I submit this letter with a great deal of gratitude and respect for Amy Eskridge.”

We give thanks for Amy who has spent her time, talent and energy in serving your youth!




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Seasons of Creation Devotional


GWOH All Ages Event – Zoom Event 9:15-10:15 AM:



We are church, we are called

Pastor Cindy Wolf celebrates her 35th anniversary of ordination this Sept. Thanks be to our God who breathes life in abundance and diversity.

Dear church,
Words matter. Words matter in our Scripture, in our hymns, in our governing documents, and beyond. Fifty years ago, on June 29, 1970, the Lutheran Church in America voted to change the word “man” to “person” in its bylaws and opened the door for the ordination of women. The American Lutheran Church achieved the same thing by resolution a few months later. The church was led by the Spirit to change. At the time it was scary for some. Fifty years later, it is now part of our heritage.
Fifty years later we celebrate the anniversary as a whole church. The influence of those decisions 50 years ago is not merely the impact on women. This is a celebration for the whole church, because the whole church has been strengthened by the gifts of ordained women in its leadership. We celebrate how these pastors have shared the Word, including with words of compassion, conviction, and curiosity. We also give thanks for the moments when there are no words, but they have offered their presence.
We also know that women who are pastors have struggled in ways men who are pastors have not. They deal with sexual harassment, disrespect, and often lower pay due to gender-based discrimination. The first women of color in our predecessor bodies weren’t ordained until 1979. And it wasn’t until 2009 that barriers to ordination were removed for LGBTQIA+ individuals in committed relationships. We know that racism and heterosexism complexify and intensify these problems. This discrimination is also part of our heritage, and something that we need to continue to work to eliminate.
In recognition of this 50th anniversary on June 29th, I invite you to express gratitude to a pastor who is a woman for how she has influenced your life. It could be by letter or email, or by other means. If you post on social media, please use the hashtag #thankyoupastor. If you would like more resources for celebrating this year, go to, which has an adult forum, Bible Study, video, and worship materials.
Fifty years after 1970, we also live in a world beset by change. I am grateful for the Spirit who continues to lead us and for the women God has called to minister to us.
I thank God for all of you who minister so faithfully.
In Christ,
Elizabeth A. Eaton
Presiding Bishop,
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus”
Galatians 3:28.

Message from Pastor Cindy Wolf Regarding COVID-19 Update HERE


Attention! Attention!

GRATEFUL Book Groups

Two groups have been formed to discuss the Lenten book, Grateful. The Thursday group begins this week, March 19 at 7p in the TEC. The Tuesday group will begin March 31st.


Please designate your offering to “Lenten Offering”. All Wednesday service offerings will be automatically designated.


A Ministry of the ELCA to Accompany Migrant Minors with Protection, Advocacy, Representation and Opportunities (AMMPARO) is strengthened by the ELCA Central American ministries and partners.


For 80 years LIRS has served, protected, embraced migrants and refugees. LIRS stands with and advocates for migrants and refugees, transforming communities through ministries of service and justice.

In March we will be collecting cereal for the Round Rock Area Serving Center

You can drop off donations at the church office or bring them to worship service.  We bless the donations every 4th week of the month before taking them to the serving center for distribution.

Welcome to Grace Cheryl Rogers! 



Friends of Grace has a balance of $73.17

New Statements Available

It has been brought to our attention that the end of year statements  we distributed are probably incomplete. The missing entries would be  related to contributions to special causes like the Border Ministry. 

Offering Envelopes

Thank you for your faithful giving.  As you know, we no longer distribute offering envelopes. Some of us are still using leftover offering envelopes, which is fine. However, please be sure your name is also on the envelope. If you use regular blank envelopes, please put your name and not your previous number on the envelope.

Our offering record keeping no longer uses envelope numbers. 

Thank you for helping this procedure to run more smoothly for Jim Czenkusch, our Financial Secretary.

Souper Bowl of Caring Update:

Thank you to our Grace youth and children for joining young people across America in helping fight hunger. Thank you to everyone who donated soup and dollars. We collected $55 for the San Francisco 49ers and $111 for the Kansas City Chiefs for a total of $166 plus 18 cans of soup for the Round Rock Serving Center. Thank you!!!

Installation of 2020 Council during worship-January 12, 2020

We will be installing the 2020 church council members during the worship service.

Grace’s 40th Anniversary – December 8, 2019
Video footage links:

Anniversary Video (7:58):

Ralph Remmert Interview (8:45): 

Robert and Bonnie Kaderka Interview (3:09):

Milton and Joyce Koch Interview (2:28):

Vicki Wall Interview (1:38):

Shannon Crippen Interview (10:27):

Grace Welcomes New Worship Accompanist – Ronald Acebuche

Ronald Acebuche (Ah-say-boo-chey) began accompanying Grace worship and choir on August 18. He is very talented and enthusiastic with extensive experience in teaching music and playing the piano.

He and his wife moved to Central Texas from McAllen. He taught music in school, as a private instructor and as an accompanist at Our Savior Lutheran Church in McAllen.

Ronald’s references spoke of his positive influence wherever he participated. Everyone said they enjoyed being around Ronald.

Grace is blessed to have Ronald share his talent and faith with us.

Welcome him at our worship services at 10:30 AM every Sunday.

Grace Welcomes Adam Reemts As Our New Music Minister

Grace welcomes Adam Reemts to lead the music ministry. He will lead the choir and chimes using his gifts of music and joy. We are grateful for his teaching and organizing skills that will bring blessings to the ministry. Adam with his wife Charlotte and children Ella and Vanessa are members of Grace. He has led the congregation as President and is currently on the Missional River Team. God Bless Adam’s ministry.


Defining Grace’s Mission: “The Missional River”

4-5 members are needed to participate in this yearlong Synod program. This Grace team will join our neighbor ELCA congregations for seminars and coaching that lead change and create a strategic plan for next 2-3 years.

Contact Adam Reemts ( or Pastor (

New Members Welcome

Are you interested in joining the Grace mission of sharing God’s love

? A new member reception will be scheduled very soon. Please contact Pastor Cindy at to join in!

Help! Short on Help!

We need more people to sign up to make Sunday mornings happen at Grace. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board, if you have trained to serve, please sign up! If you are interested in serving, please speak with Pastor Cindy about training, we need more people to help!

Grace Lutheran Church on Facebook

Have you checked our Facebook pages recently? Go to, Click on “f “ above the “Home” button at the top of the page for a direct link to our Facebook account.

One of the outreach ideas that we have had in the Evangelism committee is the use of Facebook. It is 2018 after all and social media is extremely popular. I have a Facebook account and am “friends” with quite a few members of the congregation and there is probably quite a few more that I’m not connected to as of yet.

More importantly, think of the vast number of people we can reach by totaling up the connections of everyone in our congregation. Even I have around 250 friends on my list and no, I didn’t have to pay them. Also, it’s free! If we would “check-In” for church or any church related events or “share” the events the Grace page posts, we could reach hundreds of people.

In one of my Outreach readings this month, they stated that social media and texting is the best way to attract younger people. My goal is to help grow our church and I’m welcoming of any and all suggestions.