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March 2023 Graceline

NEWS – Interim Pastor

Dear Members of Grace,

The process of transitioning from Pastor Cindy to our next called pastor will take some time.  Your church council has been working with the ELCA Synod office to identify an interim pastor during this transition time.

We are happy to inform you that we have identified, interviewed and secured Pastor Jennifer Obermueller as our interim pastor.  Her preference is to be referred to as Pastor Jen and we welcome her with open arms!  Her first Sunday with us will be on February 6th.

Pastor Jen has served in several congregations across the U.S. and is currently a teacher in the Leander School District.  We have drafted an Interim Pastor Covenant that covers February 6th through May 29th.  During this time, Pastor Jen will preside at our services 3 Sundays per month and will be available 10 hours per week for other pastoral duties.  Our plan is to extend the Covenant after the school year ends in May to include additional hours for other pastoral duties.

Please give a warm welcome to Pastor Jen either in person or virtually on February 6th!


Grace Church Council