Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is the second Sunday in May.

May is a busy month.

We are called to remember our mothers. Some of us are mothers. All of us have mothers. Some of our mothers are with us. Many have gone on ahead.

Take a moment to appreciate all your mothers have done for you and give thanks. We will be honoring Mothers on May 8th.

There will be red and white roses on the altar. We suggest you leave with at least one of them. White roses honor our mothers passed and red roses honor our living mothers. Give thanks for them.

See you on Mothers’ Day.

Congratulations, to our graduates this year!

Emily (Davenport) Hansen received a degree in Biology. She is cum laude from Concordia, Austin. She plans to go to graduate school at Mary Hardin Baylor toward a PA.

Camryn Meadows graduated from Hutto High School at midyear, and is already working.

Colin Crippen will graduate from Stony Point High School in May. Colin is planning to go to Texas State.

We plan a small, cake and punch, celebration on May 22nd at 9:45a on May 22. Please, join us in the TEC before worship to honor them.

Shirley and Fellowship

If you know of any other graduates, please, let us know.



The Southwest Texas Synod Assembly will be held June 10-12, 2022 in New Braunfels, TX.  The Theme is Got Good News?  Go with it!  Join us in dwelling in Acts 8:26-40, Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  We’ve got good news!  So let’s go with it! 


Phyllis Dahlke has graciously agreed to go as the Grace Lutheran Church representative.  Pastor Jen Obermueller and Ann Schwartz will also attend Assembly.  Please pray for these women, our Synod and the ELCA.

More information about Assembly is available at www.swtsynod.org.  The Assembly Offering will go to the Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund. 





Upcoming Events