VBS 2015

Kids came and gathered under the Baobab Tree and learned what it means to┬áTRUST, LOVE, FOLLOW, CARE and SHARE with all of God’s children. Take a look at the video and see what they experienced at Grace Lutheran’s BAOBAB BLAST. We did have a great time.




Come along with us as we travel to the African savannah, gathered together as a community to hear God’s Word and talk about what it means to TRUST, LOVE, FOLLOW, CARE and SHARE as we hear interesting Bible stories that will help kids see the Word come to life in
their own lives.



Our travel guides will lead us each day through fabulous activities starting with Opening Celebration, then Small Group Time, Serengeti Science, Kalahari Crafts, Madagascar Music, Grassland Games, Savannah Storytelling and as the sun sets on Baobab Blast, we will gather for Closing Celebration. All along our journey, we will have opportunities to join together under the baobab tree. What is a baobab tree? It is a gigantic tree found in Africa that creates its own ecosystem. A baobab tree’s hollowed-out trunk, leaves, foliage, nectar, fruit, and bark provide basic life needs for many different creatures. The enormous tree can grow to 98 feet tall and 36 feet wide! It serves as a meeting place for many people to gather, discuss and share stories and is a symbol of community and so the baobab tree will be a central figure at Baobab Blast.

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As the sun rises and sets on the savannah, so, too, will faith and relationships grow as kids explore connections with God, family, friends, others and the world. Get ready to experience the most AMAZING COMMUNITY GET-TOGETHER under the sun!
Come along!