VBS 2014


VBS 2014 “Workshop of Wonders” has ended but there are truly a lifetime of memories for some if not most of the volunteers, leaders and most importantly the children that attended and learned to Imagine, Build, Grow, Work & Walk with GOD.

DATES: July 7th – 10th (M-Th)

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Workshop of Wonders (WOW): Imagine & Build with God

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DAY 1 – Great first nite at Grace Lutheran WOW VBS as the kids found ways to IMAGINE and BUILD with GOD

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DAY 2  – As the second nite unfolded the kids continue to GROW  with  GOD

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Come explore and experience how the ordinary becomes extraordinary with God! “WOW” is a place where we will use our minds and hands to imagine and create. The fun begins Monday, July 7th and ends Thursday, July 10th. We will start with a light meal at 5:30 p.m. and begin VBS activities at 6:00 p.m.

Children will experience the love of Jesus and use imagination and creativity to build their faith. As Visioneers, they will explore how to use their hearts, minds, and imaginations to participate in the creative life of God, the one who works wonders.

We will begin each evening at Assembly with Sandy Piper and Rivet, the enthusiastic ant who loves working on projects at the Workshop of Wonders. They will teach us our daily Wonder Words to help us follow God’s blueprint for our lives, such as Imagine with God, Build with God, Work with God and Walk with God. They’ll also teach us the Vision Bible Verses that will build our faith long after VBS. And my favorite part, we get to learn and sing new music that will wow your ears!

The Visioneers will go to the Bible Nook for an interactive Bible lesson and Bible story drama, where they will meet people from the Bible who used what they had to make something amazing with God. You, too, have the opportunity to share and/or demonstrate how you use what God has given you to do or make something amazing. Check out the details in the Narthex.

Children will expand on what they’ve discovered by participating in a variety of other activities; make their own art projects at the Crafts Lab, explore science at the Science Lab, participate in recreational activities at Game Garage, and enjoy tasty snacks at the Snack Stop. The Visioneers will learn about and participate in a wonderful service project. Along the way, we will all enjoy WOW moments!

Stay alert and keep your eyes open throughout VBS as things will be transformed from ordinary into extraordinary right before your eyes.

VBS FAQ 2014